Posted on: May 29, 2009 3:36 pm
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Pat Forde, Great Writer.... or Biased Idiot?

Alright, I'll start first off by saying I am 100% biased, I wont deny it, I'd be an absolute liar if I tried to. The difference, I'm bored at work posting a blog as a UK Wildcats fan, Pat Forde is a "national" reporter/columnist for "The Mothership of Sports". (Apparently National = the state of Kentucky). Basically, Im allowed to be biased, he isnt.

The question comes in on is he biased, or just a good reporter, when you look at the UK V. UL storylines he is involved in. Firstly, the story about Rick Pitino's extortion case. ESPN put Forde on the case because he lives in Louisville and he was the one who came out claiming there would be "big news" to come. Ever since he got his name out there he has been very tight lipped about it and is not reporting anything on the story for ESPN, even though he is the lead reporter assigned to the story. Ironically enough, he and Rick Pitino are writing a book together... hmmmm.

Meanwhile, instead of breaking the big story he is assigned to, he finds plenty of time to bash Kentucky and their new coach, John Calipari. He keeps mentioning shades of grey and this and that trying to rain on the proverbial Lexington parade, which by no means is not merited. I completely agree that there are definite questions about Calipari's past, and bringing them to light is good reporting, but isnt it a bit ironic that you ignore the huge story involving a guy you're writing a book with, especially when he is the coach of your hometown team?

So instead of breaking a story, that he more than likely has, that could make Pitino look bad, he is suddenly very tight lipped and is not really reporting anything at all on that story. My question is, does this spoil Forde's integrity?

In my opinion it absolutely does. How can you be a reporter when your job is to break the story? Isnt the journalist motto "have no friends, only sources?" How do you keep this story quiet when its a massive story going on in your hometown, when Kentucky news is the only thing Forde ever even handles?

Bottom line... I do not like or respect Pat Forde. He is covering for his friend that he is writing a book with, and somehow ESPN looks the other way. I'd be more than happy to hear other's opinions on the matter.

Posted on: January 30, 2009 5:46 pm

Les Habs

Frustrating right now...

There just doesnt seem to be that extra step, there is a lack of passion and a lack of effort. The defense, which has been fantastic for most of the season has just been miserable lately. The Powerplay is mediocre and the Penalty Kill has been lackluster as of late.

I know its hard to keep the momentum going for over 80 games but you cant just look this dead this consistently and be able to turn the switch on just like that in the postseason.

A few individual looks...

Saku Koivu - The best player to bring a team out of a slump is their respected captain, if he picks it up, he can lift this entire team to better days.

Carey Price - Missed alot of time due to injury, needs to get fully healthy and/or shake off the cobwebs because the time off has left him looking a bit slow.

Defensemen - Must pick it back up. They had a phenominal first half in my opinion but the last 4 games have just been abysmal overall.

Solid first half, but not nearly good enough... 0-4 charging into the second half will not do, they better turn it up or we're going to find ourselves in an ugly playoff spot with bad seeds.


Heres to the second half!

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Posted on: December 22, 2008 4:10 pm

Pro Bowl Snubs, What a Shame

In a season with many surprising developments and stories and playoff potential teams that nobody thought could do it (See Falcons, Dolphins). We have our Pro-Bowl Rosters set, and there are many big snubs that I see.

AFC notable Snubs include Chad Pennington, QB Miami. Ben Roethlisberger QB Pittsburgh. Kerry Collins QB Tennessee. TJ Houshmanzadeh,  WR Cincinnati.

NFC Notable Snubs include, First and foremost the biggest snub in the entire NFL with DeAngelo Williams, RB Carolina. Matt Ryan, QB Atlanta.

The most notable, and ridiculous snub is DeAngelo Williams. It's preposterous that you can lead the entire NFL in touchdowns and not make the Pro Bowl. Last I checked he had 4 more TD's than the second closest player, yet he is not good enough to make the Pro Bowl. Nevermind the fact that he basically led his team to nearly clinching home field advantage in the playoffs, falling just short in an overtime game. The fact he isnt in is perfect proof that the Pro Bowl voting system is ridiculously flawed.

Chad Pennington of the Miami Dolphins is another notable snub. He is on pace to break the completion percentage record, and he has led a 1-15 team to 10-5 and with a win at New York next week, a playoff berth. Favre had more TD's and many more interceptions with a significantly worse completion percentage. The storybook ending in favor of my arguement would be if Pennington could lead the Dolphins into a playoff clinching win at New York this week.

Roethlisberger and Collins led their teams through rough schedules and into first and second seed in the divisions for the playoffs.

TJ Houshmanzadeh is a top 5 statistical receiver and has been playing with a backup QB in a miserable system all season.

Matt Ryan has the Atlanta Falcons nearly in the playoffs, if not in already in his Rookie season. He has played phenominal football and shown excellent poise and control. He has solid stats but has really turned Atlanta around in a hurry.

There are many more snubs one could argue for but these are the ones that I would argue as MUST HAVE Pro Bowlers, that got shafted by a flawed and pathetic system.

Posted on: December 6, 2008 9:23 am


Great sports night tonight!!!

Florida/Bama OU/Mizzou will hopefully tell us whos going to the national championship game.

My new beloved Bearcats take on the Rainbow Warriors out in Hawaii, 11:30PM kickoff.

Montreal tries to extend their win streak to 4 as they take on the Brodeur-less New Jersey Devils at the Bell.

and to cap it off, the Kentucky Wildcats bball takes on Miami in their first real test... BIG game for the Cats if they can win it!!!


and guess what?!?! I'm going to miss ALL of it due to a work party...

Posted on: December 1, 2008 3:30 pm

Two key wins

Our Kentucky Wildcats had a HUGE second half and played fantastically to grab a tournament championship and a solid win against a decent enough Big East school in West Virginia.

The Montreal Canadiens were resilient and fought off 2 different 1 goal deficits to close out a 3-2 win to start a 7 game home-stand.

Great saturday night!

Posted on: November 29, 2008 10:12 am


Ugly night.

Canadiens played fairly well against Washington but just couldnt get the puck in the net and got shutout by the hot Capitals 3-0.

Kentucky Wildcats somehow overcame 30+ turnovers to slip past K-State, they play West Virginia tonight at 7:30 for the Las Vegas tournament championship.


Tonights action!


Montreal Canadiens have a matchup against the struggling Buffalo Sabres at home, puck drops at 7.

Kentucky Wildcats try to win a second game against a Power Conference opponent as they take on Bob Huggins' Mountaineers in Las Vegas.


Posted on: November 28, 2008 4:22 pm

Big night!

Kentucky Wildcats have a midnight tipoff against the K-State Wildcats at midnight est.. Las Vegas baby! Go cats!

Canadiens face a hot Capitals team in the nation's capital tonight to try to get their winning ways back!

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